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Maria.B - Teal DL-1105

Maria.B - Teal DL-1105

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“Price Mentioned INCLUDES stitching charges. We do not sell un-stitched articles.”

This dress is a symbol of class, featuring a printed embroidered shirt with embroidered shawl and dyed trousers.
Digital Printed Shirt
Embroidered Velvet Neckline
Embroidered Velvet Sleeves Patti
Embroidered Velvet Front & Back Ghera Patti
Fabric: Twill Linen
Dyed Trousers
Fabric: Linen
Embroidered Linen Shawl with Palu Patti

Color Variation: Kindly note that the shade of the dress you get may not be the same somewhat as what appeared in the posting picture. This can occur because of the variety in light at the hour of photography. Lace, Piping, or Embellishment may not be included with the dress unless it is stated in the description.

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